Largest/ smallest insects

Phobaeticus annamalayanus (Wood-Mason)

Giant stick insect Photo credit: Ankita Gupta

Scientific name: Phobaeticus annamalayanus (Wood-Mason)
Common name: Giant stick insect
Comment: Stick insects (Order: Phasmatodea) belonging to the tribe Pharnaciini include the longest insects in the world. In 2016, the longest insect belonging to the genus Phryganistria Stål was reported from China which is 62.4 cm long (offspring upto 64 cm) and is mentioned in the Guinness World Records.
This Indian specimen of stick insect is 21cm long and was collected / donated by Dr P. Mahendran and Mr N. Santhana from UPASI (TRF) campus, Valparai, India to National Insect Museum (ICAR-NBAIR).

Attacus atlas (Linnaeus)

Photo credit: Ankita Gupta Attacus-atlas
Photo credit: Ankita Gupta

Scientific name: Attacus atlas (Linnaeus)
Common name: Atlas moth
Comment: The Atlas moth is one of the largest Saturniidae moths endemic to Asia with a wingspan measuring up to 24 cm.

Kikiki huna Huber

Kikiki Huna
Photo credit: Ankita Gupta

Scientific name: Kikiki huna Huber
Comment: Kikiki huna is the smallest flying insect known so far. This species is known to have a distribution range from Costa Rica, Hawaiian Islands, Trinidad and Tobago (Huber and Noyes 2013); Argentina (Triapitsyn 2013); India (Tamil Nadu). This species is an exemplary example of nature's finest creation as it has all the features of living organisms, but can hardly be traced by naked eyes.