Frequent flyers

Neurobasis chinensis Linnaeus

Neurobasis chinensis Photo credit: Ankita Gupta

Scientific name: Neurobasis chinensis Linnaeus
Common name:
Green metalwing
Stream glory
Comment: This species is usually found flying near the densely shaded streams.

Euphaea dispar Rambur

Euphaea dispar Photo credit: Ankita Gupta

Scientific name: Euphaea dispar Rambur
Common name: Nilgiri torrent dart
Comment: This species is endemic to the western ghats and breed in streams flowing through evergreen forests. The males are found resting on the twigs above water or on the rocks.

Rhyothemis variegata (Linnaeus)

Rhyothemis variegata Photo credit: Ankita Gupta

Scientific name: Rhyothemis variegata (Linnaeus)
Common name:
Common picture wing
Variegated flutterer
Comment: This species can be easily mistaken for butterflies owing to its weak flight habits.

Spodoptera frugiperda (J.E. Smith)

Spodoptera frugiperda Spodoptera frugiperda, male
Spodoptera frugiperdaSpodoptera frugiperda, female
Photo credit: Ankita Gupta

Scientific name: Spodoptera frugiperda (J.E. Smith)
Common name: Fall armyworm (FAW)
Comment: This species is a dangerous transboundary pest and its rapid spread has been attributed to the strong flight capacity of the insect. FAW is migratory in nature and moths fly for over 100km per night (FAO, 2017).