Furious predators

Hierodula doveri Chopard

Hierodula doveri Photo credit: Ankita Gupta

Scientific name: Hierodula doveri Chopard
Common name: Giant asian mantis
Comment: Praying mantis are general predators and usually catch active prey as their feed.

Creobroter gemmatus Saussure

Creobroter gemmatus Photo credit: Ankita Gupta

Scientific name: Creobroter gemmatus Saussure
Common names:
Jeweled flower mantis
Asian flower mantis
Comment: The females of this species can be cannibalistic but males are generally communal.

Ascalaphus sp.

Owlfly Owlfly Photo credit: Ankita Gupta

Scientific name: Ascalaphus sp.
Common names: Owlfly
Comment: Adult owl flies are aerial predators. With their fast flying attribute they capture and feed on other insects in flight. The eggs are generally laid on twigs or plant stems. The larvae are ambush predators. They hide in the soil sometimes covering them debris and seize their prey with their large tooth mandibles.