The National Bureau of Agricultural Insect Resources (NBAIR) aims to create a high quality compendium of images of agriculturally important insects and make it available to students and researchers in entomology, mainly for identification purposes. There are very few good field guides and illustrated identification aids to Indian insects, even economically important ones. Insect identification resources, except for butterflies, are not available for students of entomology and amateur naturalists in India, making identification of our insects a difficult proposition. The emphasis is on providing high quality images of pests of agricultural crops and other agriculturally important insects to facilitate easy identification.

The index to the images is arranged in alphabetical order and a crop-based index will be provided in course of time. A list of useful links which provide image resources on Indian insects is provided. For all the insects covered, basic taxonomic and biological information is provided. Complete fact sheets are provided for some species. More images will be added continuously as and when available.

The images featured here are the property of the NBAIR and are primarily for use only as identification aids. Please give a hyperlink to the images in your site, but do not use them elsewhere without our permission.

Finally, a word of caution to the users: the images are meant as basic guides to identification and not as stand alone identification aids unless used in conjunction with morphological characters.