A pictorial guide to Diapriinae genera of India

Diapriidae (Hymenoptera: Diaprioidea) are a diverse group of parasitic wasps having a wide distribution globally. They are commonly encountered in varied habitats including meadows, grasslands, cultivated lands and forests. They are primarily solitary or gregarious endoparasitoids of dipteran larvae and pupae. Due to their small size, they often remain unnoticed and hence our knowledge on the group is much scanty.

Over 4000 species of diapriids are estimated to occur in the world, but only less than half of these have been formally described. From India, two subfamilies, Belytinae and Diapriinae, with 85 species in 19 genera are known till date (see Checklist of Indian Diapriidae) with scores of undescribed taxa. But their abundant presence in both natural and human influenced ecosystems is indicative of their ecological importance.

This is an interactive identification aid for identifying the Indian genera of Diapriinae, the major subfamily of Diapriidae. At present, 15 genera are included with a pictorial Lucid Phoenix key and illustrated factsheets providing details on their diagnosis, distribution and species known from India. An illustrated glossary is provided to facilitate easy identification. To view some of the contents of this website, you need to have the Java Runtime Environment installed in your computer.