A pictorial guide to Diapriinae genera of India
Glossary of Morphological Terms


Adorbital carina (ad): Paired carina, one each on either side on dorsal head near to inner margin of eyes, often encircling eyes.

Antennal clava (acl): Several distal antennomeres, usually incrassate and shaped differently from preceding segments.

Antennal shelf (as): Projecting ledge between face and frons and bearing toruli.

Malar sulcus (ms): Sulcus connecting lowermost arc of eye orbit with upper corner of mandibular condyle.

Occipital flange (of): Step-like rim on occiput.

Post gena: Part of head between posterior margin of eye orbit and occiput, above cheek.

Postgenal cushion (pgc): Cushion of hairs on postgena.

Temple (te): Portion of head behind eye.

Torulus /toruli (tr): Antennal socket.

Mesosoma (dorsal view)

Anterior parallel line (apl): Pair of elevated longitudinal lines on anteromedian part of mesoscutum.

Anterior scutellar pit (asp): Pit or pits near anterior margin of scutellum, immediately behind transcutal articulation.

Axilla (ax): Paired areas on mesonotum on either side of scutellar sheath.

Cervix (ce): Anterior neck-like part of pronotum.

Dorsellum (ds): Median part of metanotum, usually with three short longitudinal keels.

Humeral sulcus (hs): Longitudinal impression in postero-lateral corner of mesoscutum.

Lateral scutellar pit (lsp): Pair of narrow elongate pits situated along posterolateral margin of scutellum.

Notaulus (nt): Pair of longitudinal grooves on mesoscutum, sometimes abbreviated anteriorly (=parapsidal furrows).

Nucha (nu): Posteromedian projection of propodeum housing articulation with petiolar condyle.

Plica (pl): Paired longitudinal keels (plicae) flanking median keel on propodeum, also termed lateral keels.

Posterior scutellar pits (psp): Transverse row of minute pits along posterior margin of scutellum.

Pronotal cushion (pc): Cushion of pilosity in the cervical part of pronotum.

Pronotal shoulder (ps): Pair of prominent humps (rounded or pointed) on anterior sides of pronotum.

Propleuron (pl): Narrow sclerite between forecoxa and foramen magnum capitis.

Scutellum (sc): Sclerite on mesonotum between mesoscutum and metanotum.

Scutellar disc (scd): Part of scutellum between anterior scutellar pits and posterior scutellar pits.

Tegula (tg): Sclerite at base of forewing.

Transscutal suture (tss): Line dividing mesoscutum from scutellum.

Mesosoma (lateral view)

Median propodeal keel (mpk): Median, longitudinal keel on propodeum, usually well elevated, especially in its anterior part.

Mesopleuron (mpl): Sclerite between fore and mid coxae.

Metapleuron (mtl): Sclerite above hind coxa.

Propleural cushion (plc): Dense fine hairs on margin of propleuron.

Sternaulus (stn):Transverse ridge or keel (rarely sulcus) on lower mesopleuron (mpl), between fore and mid coxae.


Basal vein (bv): Nebulous (rarely tubular) transverse vein between submarginal vein.

Costal cell (cc): Space between costal and submarginal veins.

Marginal cilia (mc): Series of hairs on periphery of wing.

Marginal vein (mv): Tubular vein on foremargin of wing.

Postmarginal vein (pmv): Tubular apex of marginal vein.

Rs2: Nebulous vein anterior to stigmal vein.

Rs3: Nebulous vein posterior to stigmal vein.

Stigmal vein (stv): Tubular projection on lowercorner of marginal vein.

Submarginal vein (sv): Tubular vein between tegula and marginal vein.


Foamy cushion (fs): White foam-like structure often seen on postgena, propleuron and petiole.

Macrotergite: Single, large tergite (T2) past petiole.

Petiole: First metasomal segment with fused tergite (T1) and sternite 1.

Syntergite (T2): Large tergite past petiole resulting from fusion of several tergites.

Median incision (mi): Incision or furrow extending downwards medially from anterior margin of T2.