Most longhorn beetles are elongate and cylindrical with long antennae (Özdikmen, 2009). The eyes are usually strongly notched. The fourth tarsal segment is small and concealed in the notch of the third segment. They are the members of Phytophaga which contains a highly derived group of polyphagous beetles that feed primarily on vascular plants as larvae and adults, due to this longhorns emerged as one of the most economically important groups of insects as agricultural pests. Longhorns are the important quarantine pest because of their concealed habitat would make them to cross oversea through plant trade. This website provides an account of 1540 species of longhorn beetles of India. This site has been developed as an informative aid to common longhorn beetles of India and neighbouring country.

We hope the site will be informative and useful to the researchers, amateur entomologists, plant protection/Quarantine workers and students of entomology.

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