Scientific name

Dideopsis aegrota (Fabricius) (=Asarcina aegrota (Fabricius), Asarkina aegrota (Fabricius))

Taxonomic position

Diptera: Syrphidae: Syrphini


Adult medium to large in size. Eyes dark reddish, glabrous, holoptic in male. Mesonotum black and shiny, anteriorly with a distinct collar of long, erect, bright yellowish hairs. Scutellum yellowish, anterior and median areas translucent, with a median pair of thin yellowish stripes; subscutellar fringe of hairs present. Abdomen dorsally convex and broad, with a strong margin; with a black and yellow pattern as follows: tergite 1 black, tergite 2 with a pair of oblique oval, yellowish spots on either side of middle, tergite 3 with anterior half yellowish and posterior half black; tergite 4 similar but with narrower yellow band, posterior margin yellow; tergite 5 black; hairs on abdomen black except on anterior portions of tergites 2 and 3. Fore and middle legs with coxae dark brown, remaining parts more or less yellowish, except tarsi darker, brownish; hind legs completely blackish brown.

Wings without sclerotised dots on posterior margin; with a characteristic, broad, dark band across middle, apical portion hyaline. Halteres yellowish. Vein R4+5 straight. Metasternum bare. Hind coxal tuft of hairs present.


   Adult male


Widely distributed allover India (Arunachal Pradesh; Assam; Kerala; Karnataka; Meghalaya; Manipur; Madhya Pradesh; Sikkim; Tamil Nadu; Uttar Pradesh; West Bengal) (Ghorpade, 1994). Sri Lanka. Bangladesh. Nepal. China.

Prey / Biology

Aphis spiraecola (as A. citricola), A. craccivora, A. gossypii, Pentalonia nigronervosa, Rhopalosiphum maidis, Toxoptera aurantii, T. citricida, T. odinae, aphids on  citrus and Artemisia vulgaris (Ghorpade, 1981).


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