Scientific name

Cryptanusia albiclava Girault

Taxonomic position

Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea: Encyrtidae: Tetracneminae


Female: Length 1.29-1.67 mm. Head and thorax orange; a brown stripe more or less connecting each torulus to eye margin; mesoscutum clothed in conspicuous silvery white setae; scape pale to dark orange with extreme apex white; funicle pale yellowish orange to dark brown; clava white, dusky proximally; legs yellow to orange; fore wings weakly infuscate with base and apex hyaline; hind wing hyaline; gaster yellow orange to orange brown; F1 and F2 subequal in length; fore wing with submarginal vein strongly bent downwards subapically and stigmal vein longer than marginal (Noyes and Hayat, 1994).


Adult  Yercaud Adult - dorsal & lateral view

Hosts / Biology

Pseudococcus citriculus (Gordh, 1974); Pseudococcus sp. on indet. orchid (Tachikawa, 1968).


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Factsheet prepared by Dr. A. Rameshkumar, Research associate, NPIB, NBAIR.