Fig 1. Megachalcis sp.

Fig 2. Mesosoma

Megachalcis Cameron, 1903


Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea: Chalcididae: Chalcidinae


Scapulae and axillae prominently convex, vertex without median raised teeth, posterior border of pronotum not convex (Fig. 2).
Postmarginal vein much longer than the marginal.
Mesosoma often with rasp-like sculture and body with silvery patches of hairs.
Tergite 2-4 strongly reduced and for most part hidden under the large first tergite; gaster in female produced to a long tail.

Biology / Hosts

Apparently parasites of wood boring beetles.


Southeast Asia, from western India to North Borneo and to eastern Indonesia.


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