Fig 1. Lasiochalcidia sp.

Fig 2. Head - lateral view

Fig 3. Mesosoma

Lasiochalcidia Masi, 1929


Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea: Chalcididae: Haltichellinae


Frons covered with dense silvery bristles; scape of male often with a dent below.
Vertex above in anterior- posterior direction, very thin; temples extremely narrow (Fig. 2).
Posterior border of pronotum with a row of minute and dense pubescence, apex of scutellum usually with two distinct minute teeth (Fig. 3).
Propodeum strongly sloping.
First tergite of gaster with distinct basal fovea in the middle.

Biology / Hosts

Parasites of Myrmeleontidae.


Africa, Asia and Europe.


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