Fig 1. Epitranus sp.

Fig 2. Head - frontal view

Fig 3. Forewing

Fig 4. Metasoma

Epitranus Walker, 1834


Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea: Chalcididae: Epitraninae


Antennal toruli located very low on shield, protruding over mouth (Fig. 2).
Marginal vein very long, stigma rudimentary, postmarginal absent (Fig. 3).
Gaster with slender striate petiole, gaster bulging ventrally (Fig. 4).

Biology / Hosts

Small moths of families Pyralidae and Tineidae, some associated with stored grain or with guano in caves. Adults are found on foliage trees and shrubs (Bouček, 1988).


Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.


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