Fig 1. D. anthracia Walker

Fig 2. D. auratus Ashmead

Fig 3. Hind tibia

Fig 4. Head dorsal view showing horn

Dirhinus Dalman, 1818


Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea: Chalcididae: Dirhininae


Head between antennal scrobes and eyes produced into strong edged horns (Fig. 4).
Hind tibia obliquely truncate at apex, forming a strong spine (Fig. 3).
Ventral edge of hind femur with smoothly arched comb of minute teeth.
Gaster on petiole, not long but with distinct dorsal carinae. First tergite large, anteriorly with a striate area.

Biology / Hosts

Parasites in puparia of various Diptera- Glossinidae, Muscidae, Tephritidae and Lepidoptera (Bombycidae) (Noyes, 2016).


Africa (Tanzania, Zimbabwe), Europe (Hungary), South Asia (India, Pakistan), and Pacific Islands (Fiji).


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