Fig 1. B. ryukyuensis Habu

Fig 2. B. podagrica (Fabricius)

Fig 3. Brachymeria sp.

Fig 4. Head - lateral view

Fig 5. Forewing

Fig 6. Gaster

Fig 7. Propodeum

Brachymeria Westwood, 1829


Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea: Chalcididae: Chalcidinae


Antennae with eleven segments.
Gaster attached at coxae broad.
Gaster sessile, petiole mostly concealed in dorsal view, propodeal spiracle elongate in oblique subhorizontal direction.
Frontogenal sulcus below eyes distinct, usually carinate (Fig. 4).
Postmarginal vein often longer than short stigma (Fig. 5).

Biology / Hosts

Mostly parasites in pupae of holometabolous insects, especially of Lepidoptera but certain species attack Coleoptera, Hymenoptera and Diptera. Although some species are obligatory or occasional hyperparasites, attacking either the primary parasite (ichneumonid, braconid or tachinid) or its host, others are solely primary (Bouček, 1988).




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