Fig 1. A. niger (Masi)

Fig 2. A. niger - Hind femur

Fig 3. A. mitys (Walker)

Fig 4. A. nasutus (Holmgren)

Fig 5. A. nasutus - Frons

Fig 6. A. nasutus - Pronotum

Antrocephalus Kirby, 1883


Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea: Chalcididae: Haltichellinae


Frons with strong horse-shoe shaped carina, running from above, behind front ocellus along inner margin of eyes (Fig. 5).
Hind femur either uni or bilobed or without distinct lobe (Fig. 2).
Pronotum regularly convex; pronotal carina with paired strong or weak tubercles in the middle, these tubercles weak or indistinct in non typical species (Fig. 6).

Biology / Hosts

Mainly attack Lepidoptera occasionally Aphididae (Ceratovacuna lanigera) and Apidae (Apis cerana) (Noyes, 2016).


Africa, Australia, New Guinea, South America, South Europe and South Asia (Boucek, 1988; Narendran, 1989).


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