This compendium of fact sheets on the aphid fauna of Karnataka covers 76 species at present. The fact sheets provide the details on the scientific name, common name(s) if any, a brief diagnostic description, morphometric measurements, geographic distribution, seasonal occurrence, and natural enemies along with colour photographs and line drawings of taxonomic characters for these 76 species. The fact sheets were generated using the software, Fact Sheet Fusion (Centre for Biological Information Technology, University of Queensland, Australia).

Natural enemy records from the literature and data labels of examined specimens are given. The main sources of literature consulted are Review of Applied Entomology (till 1972), CABPEST-CD abstracts (1973-till date), and Biocontrol News and Information. Publications providing information on aphidophagous insects of this region, mainly by Behura (1963), Ghorpade (1981), Agarwala & Ghosh (1988), and Rao (1969) were also consulted. The list is not exhaustive, though attempts have been made to list all the important hosts wherever possible.

All the scientific names of natural enemies have been checked with the aid of web-based taxonomic databases such as Universal Chalcidoidea Database (for some parasitoids) and Index to Organism Names, and Arthropod Name Index (ANI-CD) (general).

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Fact sheets

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