Aphidinae: Aphidini

Common name(s)

Oil palm aphid


The aphids are small, dark green to almost black, forming small colonies in young, unfolding leaves of Cyperaceae. This aphid is similar to Aphis gossypii Glover, but differs in having marginal abdominal tubercles dorsal to spiracles. Alatae have only one-branched media. Body 1.2x as long as antennae and more than 4-5x as long as siphunculi. Processus terminalis 4-6x as long as base of last antennal segment. Siphunculi black, 2.5-3x as long as cauda.


India: Karnataka.

Host plant(s)

Cyperaceae: Cyperus rotundus L.; known to infest young leaves of the oil palm, Elaeis guineensis.


Aptera: Length of body 1.86, width 1.08; antennae 1.52, segments III: IV: V: VI 0.32: 0.18: 0.17: (0.09+0.54); u.r.s. 0.13; h.t.2 0.08; siphunculus 0.27; cauda 0.11.
Alata: Length of body 1.58, width 0.69; antennae 1.39, segments III: IV: V: VI 0.29: 0.19: 0.16: (0.09+0.45); u.r.s. 0.12; h.t.2 0.09; siphunculus 0.27; cauda 0.09.

Seasonal occurrence


Natural enemies

Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Aphidiinae: Aphidius sp.