Hormaphidinae: Cerataphidini


The species forms compact colonies on lower surface of the leaves of the host plants near water source. The aphids are reddish brown in colour. The colonies remain covered with white waxy secretion and insects secret copious honeydew and hence often attended by ants. In mounted specimens, paired spinal and marginal wax glands on cephalothorax, meso and meta thorax, and 1-7 abdominal segments. The wax glands contains 3-11 oval or irregular cells in marginal and spinal groups, while 8th tergite with spinopleural, transverse wax glands with 9-24 cells.


North-east India and south India.

Host plant(s)

Poaceae: Chloris barbata Sw.


Aptera: Length of body 1.83, width 1.08, antenna 0.34, antennal segments III: IV: V 0.11: 0.06: 0.21: (0.07+ 0.03); ultimate rostral segment 0.07; h.t2 0.13; siphuncular pore 0.03.

Natural enemies


Associated ant(s)

Solenopsis geminata Fabricius, Myrmicaris brunnea Saunders.