Aphidinae: Macrosiphini


The pale green aphid spotted with darker green and with red eyes are found on the undersurfaces of the leaves of the host plant and were not found to be attended by ants. The spinal hairs of the abdominal tergites are normally single and gradually increase in length from the anterior to posterior segments. Occasionally a short additional hair is found, mostly on tergites VI, VII and VIII.

Host plant(s)

Polygonaceae: Polygonum glabrum Willd.


Aptera: Length of body 1.50, width 0.72, antenna 1.51, antennal segments III: IV: V: VI 0.33: 0.21: 0.21: (0.08+ 0.54); ultimate rostral segment 0.08; h.t2 0.07; siphunculus 0.40; cauda 0.19.
Alata: Length of body 1.62, width 0.65, antenna 1.83, antennal segments III: IV: V: VI 0.39: 0.22: 0.22: (0.11+ 0.75); ultimate rostral segment 0.09; h.t2 0.06; siphunculus 0. 330; cauda 0.19.

Natural enemies


Associated ant(s)