Aphidinae: Macrosiphini

Common name(s)

Pea aphid


Pale yellow or pale brown aphids with transverse diffused streaks of green on abdominal tergite 1 and in between siphunculi. Head, distal portions of antennae, siphunculi and legs brown, siphunculi on dark sclerotic cones. Antennae 0.22x as long as body. Processus terminalis shorter than base, 0.22x as long as base of last antennal segment. Siphunculi on dark sclerotic cones. Cauda broader than long, bears 6 hairs.

Colonies formed on the undersurface of the leaves at the basal portion, attended by ants.


Cosmopolitan. Throughout India.

Host plant(s)

Fabaceae: Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp., Lathyrus odoratus L., Lathyrus sativus L., Lens culinaris Medic., Medicago sativa L., Pisum sativumL., Sesbania grandiflora (L.) Pers., Trigonella foenum-graecum L., Vicia faba L.

Heavy populations occur on Pisum sativum, the aphids being larger and darker as compared to those collected on other host plants.


Aptera: Length of body 1.60, width 0.79; antennae 1.62, segments III: IV: V: VI 0.31: 0.23: 0.23: (0.09+0.63); u.r.s. 0.13; h.t.2 0.07; siphunculus 0.57; cauda 0.19.
Alata: Length of body 1.8, width 0.9; antennae 1.94, segments III: IV: V: VI 0.47: 0.34: 0.29: (0.09+0.79); u.r.s. 0.12; h.t.2 0.08; siphunculus 0.40; cauda 0.13.

Seasonal occurrence

Almost throughout the year, more prevalent during July-September.

Natural enemies

Coleoptera: Coccinellidae: Anegleis cardoni (Weise), Brumoides suturalis (F.), Cheilomenes sexmaculata (F.), Coccinella transversalis F., Coelophora biplagiata (Swartz), Harmonia dimidiata (F.), H. octomaculata (F.) and Propylea japonica (Thunberg).

Diptera: Syrphidae: Eupeodes confrater (Wiedemann), Paragus serratus (F.), Melanostoma sp., Xanthogramma sp., Ischiodon scutellaris (F.), Episyrphus balteatus (De Geer) and Sphaerophoria menthastri (L.).

Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Aphidiinae: Aphidius ervi Haliday, A. smithi Sharma & Subba Rao, A. urticae Haliday, Ephedrus plagiator (Nees), Pauesia picta (Haliday), Praon dorsale (Haliday), and P. volucre (Haliday).