Aphidinae: Macrosiphini

Common name(s)

Blue alfalfa aphid, bluegreen aphid


Bluish green, colonises on stems and leaves of the host. Alatae have a darker brown thorax than alatae of A. pisum. Antennae longer than body, almost 1.1 times longer than body. Siphunculus 0.26-0.29 of body length. Siphunculi 2-2.3 times of that of cauda. Cauda with 6-8 hairs. Processus terminalis 4.8-5 times longer than base of ast antennal segment or even longer.

A. kondoi differs from the closely allied A. phaseoli Chakrabarti et al. in having the head not granulated, hairs not furcate, last rostral segment not equal to the second segment of hind tarsus, and the shorter dorsal hairs.


Japan, Korea, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Australasia, South America, the USA (California), South Africa, India (Karnataka).

Host plant(s)

Fabaceae: Medicago sativa L.

The aphid does not cause any visible damage and very few and small colonies are usually found.


Aptera: Length of body 2.82, width 1.28; antennae 3.01, segments III: IV: V: VI 0.70: 0.56: 0.53: (0.17+0.82); u.r.s. 0.1; h.t.2 0.12; siphunculus 0.75; cauda 0.32.

Seasonal occurrence